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11. Juni 2012 - 17. Juni 2012

HeK at LISTE - The Young Art Fair

At LISTE 17, the House of Electronic Arts Basel is presenting Estonian artist Timo Toots and Estonian artist duo You Must Relax, both of whom are also featured in the current exhibition gateways. Art and Networked Culture. 

Timo Toots (1982) is a new media artist, photographer and programmer. At LISTE he is presenting Media Bubble, an interactive installation that consists of a beamer projecting snippets of live internet news titles from above down around a rotating plate. The installation is only active if the visitor makes contact with the plate. Just as in real life, the consumption of flowing information depends on the movements of the consumer.

You Must Relax was founded in Tallinn in 2007 by Eve Arpo (1979), architect, and Riin Rõõs (1978), media artist. Together they have created a new kind of mobile phone – Astrid, 2.5 meters in height and available to visitors for making and receiving phone calls. Because of its size, Astrid Mobile Phone forces the visitors to engage their bodies to push but- tons and talk into the microphone. Stripped of its essential qualities of mobility and intimacy, Astrid points to the shifting borders between public and private spaces.

Astrid Mobile Phone, 2011
You Must Relax