Offers for schools

For school classes we offer specially adapted guided tours, exhibition talks and workshops. Taking the exhibitions as the point of departure, we want to initiate a dialogue and an active engagement with art and a critical reflection on the influence of new media and digital technologies on everyday life. It is important to us to take seriously the individual questions of the pupils and to help them find ways to express their own points of view.
In consultation with you, we furthermore develop tailor-made guided tours, discussions, and workshops on specific questions and topics and for particular age groups, which also can take place outside the opening hours.
Regarding the incurred costs please get in touch with the education department:
+41 (0)61 331 58 40,

Independent visits by school classes and seminar groups
Visits during opening hours by school groups and groups of higher education supervised by teachers or lecturers are always very welcome and free of charge.
We are very happy to offer you our support and to provide you with information material in order to prepare your visit.
Please register with: +41 (0)61 331 58 40,

Art and school at the HeK
We are very interested in cooperating with school classes from Basel and the surrounding area. Do you have an idea for a project week? Is there any demand for hands-on support and know-how during project-based lessons? Do you want to know what media culture means and what your pupils engage with on the internet? Do you need support with the realisation of new media-based projects for teaching purposes? Or are you curious and would like to know what could be done using a blog or a wiki in your classes?
Please do get in touch, we are looking forward to your ideas: +41 (0)61 331 58 40,